Fashion beautiful 18K diamond ring is now a lot of young girls love, rich colors, different forms of gold diamond replica Van Cleef Arpels magic bracelet decorated in the girls' fingers, shining with a unique light, it is light and Smart. However, after wearing a long 18K diamond ring, the metal ring will appear discoloration of the phenomenon, so that people often wonder whether they buy the diamond replica van cleef arpels ring quality problems. Here, small tape with everyone to understand why the 18K diamond replica Van Cleef Arpels perlee clover bracelet will change color? What other maintenance methods can be used?

     replica Van Cleef Arpels magic bracelet 18K diamond ring why will change color?

      As we all know, replica 18k cartier love ring18K gold is 75% gold and 25% of the other metal co-smelting of an alloy, due to the addition of other metals, so 18K gold hardness and toughness are better than replica Van Cleef Arpels necklace gold, and the common 18K white and The appearance of platinum is very similar, so 18K gold is the most commonly used to set the diamond precious metal materials.


      Commonly used in the diamond ring 18K white gold after wearing a long time, the ring surface is always slightly yellowish white color, many people think that this is 18K gold discoloration, in fact, this is not a real sense of color. Because 18K gold is not pure gold, in its composition is also doped with other metal components, so the "discoloration" phenomenon is only K gold surface gold-plated off and the original metal color. Caused by 18K gold-plated layer off the reasons, mainly contact with some strong acid and alkali irritation of the chemical composition or hardness and friction, there will be varying degrees of wear and tear, resulting in damage to the coating, the original metal color, so long as Avoid these factors can be a good maintenance of your replica van cleef arpels ring18K gold diamond ring does not change color.

      Prevent 18K gold "discoloration" maintenance method

      1, try to avoid the 18K diamond ring with a strong acid and alkali and other irritating chemicals contact. In daily life, the common vinegar, hand sanitizer, cosmetics, detergent and other items may contain irritating chemicals, it is best not to let the gold diamond ring access to these items; in the chemical plant, chemical laboratory Place, it is best not to wear 18K gold diamond ring.

       2,18K gold diamond ring can not be placed after the random or put together a few jewelry, but need to be stored separately, so that those hardness of precious stones or other substances scratched the surface of the metal ring. If you do not have a separate replica Van Cleef Arpels necklacejewelry box for storage, you can also use a delicate soft flannel wrapped in a place placed in a separate place.

      Through the above description, we must understand the 18K diamond ring "discoloration" phenomenon is due to chemical erosion and hard objects of the wear and tear, so in life try to avoid these factors can be a good maintenance of your 18K diamond ring The.