If you love the look of silver handmade jewelry, you’re not alone.  Many jewelry wearers love the best of both worlds that silver handcrafted jewelry offers; first in its high quality and second in its affordability as compared to alternative metals.  Indeed, platinum and gold are very expensive and becoming rarer, making the prices per ounce soar even within the past decade.  Handcrafted silver replica van cleef arpels bracelet  jewelry has also increased, however more availability as a resource still makes it much more cost effective as a gift or personal purchase.

If you’re considering buying silver handcrafted replica Amulette de Cartier Ring jewelry online instead of in a brick-and-mortar store, you will have thousands of options to choose from.  Emerging sterling silver jewelry designers are plentiful and many have their own flair of creativity to offer.  But use caution when shopping for handmade silver jewelry. Just like anything else you can end up paying more for an item than you should.

Follow these 6 tips for buying unique handcrafted silver jewelry online:

1. Make sure you’re getting authentic silver.  Although many vendors will tell you an item is the real deal, sometimes they use a “blend” of silver and other metals.  The only way to truly tell is to look for the sterling silver stamp, which is located usually near the clasp on a necklace or bracelet, or on the underside of an earring near the post.  The stamp will say .replica Van Cleef & Arpels Magic Alhambra ring 925 unless it’s fine silver, which would say 99.9 to indicate pure silver.

2. Make sure the company is reputable.  Just because a company posts some pictures online doesn’t mean they are legitimate. Read reviews from other customers and find out how long they have been in business.
3. If you’re buying sterling silver with gemstones, be sure you understand the care and maintenance.  Some stones are softer than others, whereas some stones have diligent care instructions. Extreme care must be given to pearls and opals crack easily, for example. Each gemstone has specific care instructions.

4. Pay attention more to the quality replica Van Cleef Arpels butterfly ringthan the cost. Especially if you are buying earrings or things that dangle, drape or have multiple parts you want to choose a design that is well-made and that will last, rather than purchasing an item that will fall apart after only a few wears.

5. Find out the return policy.  If you dislike the item but it is non-returnable you will be shelling out money for nothing.  If the item is customized you may not be able to return it at all but if it is a standard sterling silver jewelry item as part of a collection, you should be given a minimum of 30 days to return or exchange it.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Any legitimate silver handcrafted jewelry vendor will welcome your questions, so call or send an email if you aren’t sure about something before buying.

Genuine handmade silver jewelry is beautiful to wear and will last a long time.  Buying online gives you many more choices to shop, but just make sure you find out all of the details about the company, the handcrafted silver jewelry item and the company’s policies before you hit that “buy now” button.

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