Set amongst the diamond district of London, at an address in Greville Street, Hatton Garden, is a business that has substituted diamonds for the very best Czech crystals. Initially these crystals were threaded between natural magnetite lodestone beads, following much the same designs as those used for diamond bracelets rather than the crystal substitutes. The quality knockoff van cleef arpels vintage ring and standard, nevertheless, was retained; the price of this Tresor Paris jewellery diminished in direct correlation to that between the cost of diamonds and crystals; the popularity of newly introduced contemporary designs soared, attracting many celebrities to whom these new fashionable designs coupled with uncompromised quality, appealed.

Sam Hasbani maintained a niche boutique in high quality fashionable van cleef arpels bracelet imitation, working from the diamond centre, a family run jewellery business where Sam Hasbani learned his trade under his family’s tutelage. Sam Hasbani, however, had his own dream that involved jewellery but did not entail incorporating diamonds into his work. In order to expand the depth of his dream he teamed up with Maurice Lousky who was bred in Paris, France.

Sam Hasbani, in close collaboration with Maurice Lousky, intended to focus on a specific brand of replica cartier ring jewellery that evoked its own contemporary charm but, whilst maintaining elegance, did not actually involve the use of diamonds themselves. They chose the name Tresor which, in French, meant ‘treasure’: the new business was called Tresor Paris. Hasbani and Lousky intended to focus on designing and manufacturing a contemporary range of jewellery using Czech crystals and natural magnetite lodestones, set in anti-hypoallergenic titanium.

In the case of Tresor Paris earrings, was particularly necessary. The ethos behind the new range of Tresor Paris replica cartier love bracelet 

jewellery is high-end, top quality handcrafted jewellery with a price tag that is less costly than a similar design using diamonds yet which fits into the kind of jewellery worn by the fashion conscious clientele from the 21st century. replica hermes bracelet Maurice Lousky was clearly the ideal choice to partner Sam Hasbani as Maurice’s background was similar to Sam’s.

Maurice Lousky also grew up working within his family’s diamond enterprise. Clearly combining his expertise with that of Sam Hasbani’s provided an ideal background for the success of Tresor Paris and, more latterly, the potential success of their children’s Tresor Paris branch, Little TP. The ideal intention behind the success of Tresor Paris was to maintain the high standard of design and manufacturing initially brought to the diamond based jewellery whilst incorporating a rather more flamboyant and contemporary emphasis to Tresor Paris’ crystal and magnetite jewellery.The official website to buy Tresor Paris jewellery can be found at Any Tresor Paris replica Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra ring can be purchased online at this website. However, for those people who prefer to buy Tresor Paris jewellery in person, there are retail outlets in the UK and abroad. If you are on the island of Jersey, on the Channel Islands, UK, you can visit Thaddeus Jewellers; if you are in London, take a trip to 7 Greville Place, Hatton Gardens, London which is the location where Sam Hasbani is based.